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With a robust educational foundation in geomatics, GIS, and business management, I have cultivated comprehensive expertise through advanced certifications and specialized training. Currently leading a startup focused on digital transformation, Spatial Reality Solutions, and managing the provinces Informatics unit at the Water Security Agency, I drive transformative geospatial initiatives and innovations in data processes. My extensive experience spans leadership roles where I managed large-scale projects, pioneered advancements in mapping technologies, and diversified client bases across various sectors. My professional journey includes contributions to geospatial literature, with works on mobile mapping solutions and UAS-based thermography. I am committed to advancing the field through strategic oversight, collaborative innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in geospatial sciences.

I have a Bachelors of Applied Management and Diploma in Geomatics from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Certificate in Unoccupied Aerial Systems from the University of Florida, and an Advanced Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I am a licensed Engineering Licensee specializing in Geomatics, terrestrial lidar, mobile and aerial mapping, photogrammetry, data processing and adjustments. I am an ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist (UAS and lidar).

I live on an acreage just outside of Saskatoon where I enjoy spending my time raising my 2 daughters, gardening, riding motorcycles and snowmobiles with my wife, hunting and fishing in Northern Saskatchewan.