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ERIA Consultants, LLC


Always seeking interesting projects that involve collaboration with respected firms and scientists. We specialize in Natural Resource Inventories and Assessment. That is we have been involved in projects from the air (ground ozone modeling) to the subsurface (abandoned mined lands) and everything in between. We also are certified UAV pilot (Part 107) and Certified Forest Carbon verifier from California Air Resources Board (AB32)).

Subject matter expert in classical statistics, spatial and temporal statistics, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, wildfire damage assessment, and precision agriculture.

We also provide business analytic services. This means that we can analyze your business data and identify specific markets, then precisely target advertisements to a particular demographic or geographic region. This can be accomplished via classical statistics, spatial statistics, or machine learning methods.

Software suite consists of R, Python, ArcGIS, and ERDAS. We have developed custom image classification algorithms that can be applied to LandSat-8, WorldView-2, WorldView-3 Sentinel-1A & B (SAR) , 2A & B (Multi-spectral).